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First Week in Cape Town

We've arrived! And were jet lagged beyond belief. For three days. Up all night. Sleeping all day. Feeling sick. Not good. That's what two straight red eye flights will do. Today, the fourth day of our stay in Cape Town, we have finally felt like ourselves....and enjoyed a sunny -though blustery- day in the Cape driving a stick shift on the left side of the road (Car courtesy of Anthony's Mom's friend Elbe's son's girlfriend Louise...phew!) We're wonderfully comfortable in Anthony's Aunt and Uncle's Sea Point flat. THANK YOU! Have not hit the beaches yet, but will soon. (Though we did take a drive down the coast and stopped to snap picture of Kelley on beach in Llandudno (SP?).) Had a wonderful few visits with Anthony's Ouma, who is 94 and reading stacks of books, journals, and magazines in numerous languages.
We're talking with whomever we can about the future of Cape Town and South Africa in general...and are learning all about the preparations for 2010 World Cup and will be looking for investors very soon so save your Holiday Ca$h. We miss you all! Let us know what's up in your lives (we hear it's snowing and icy in Portland! Ha! Just kidding;)
Anthony and Kelley



Blogger Yzerfontein said...

Thanks for sharing - I can relate to the jet-lag (but in the opposite direction). I hope you don't mind, I've put a miniature version of your Devil's Peak photo from Cape Town's Waterfront on my website (I gave you credit and included a backlink).

3:16 AM


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